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Green holidays at your 4-star-superior Leitlhof Hotel in Innichen

Your climate-neutral holiday in Hochpustertal

As the third hotel in the whole of South Tyrol your Leitlhof Hotel – Dolomites advocates climate protection. The aim is to preserve the beautiful and unique natural environment in your Hochpustertal holiday region and to bring out the positive main points against climate change. We accept the responsibility and consciously and actively empathise climate protection.

We are delighted to have won awards and accolades for our environmentally friendly measures. The Leitlhof is one of few hotels in South Tyrol that can claim a zero environmental footprint, and is certified by the GSTC. The Leitlhof recently won a World Travel Award in the category "Europe's Leading Green Hotels" and has garnered several awards in the travel category of GreenTec Awards, the most important award for environmental technologies in Europe.

Leitlhof: a pioneer of sustainability

Leitlhof is a pioneer of sustainability in South Tyrol. Despite a bit of a slow start, we have continued to observe and develop upon this trend over the years. Thanks to its ongoing efforts, the Leitlhof has become a sustainable carbon-neutral hotel - to the extent that today it is one of only a handful of energy self-sufficient hotels in the world - and therefore a pioneer not only in South Tyrol. Meanwhile several other companies have gone down this path and public projects also take into account environmental protection and the magnificent landscape of the Sesto Dolomites. 

UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site

In South Tyrol, the inclusion of the Sesto Dolomites and surrounding areas in a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site has led to an important change in mentality. Since then, efforts to preserve the beautiful scenery have met with considerable and widespread support. This work requires compliance with certain directives, which in the "Green Region of South Tyrol" are essentially the regulations of the World Heritage Organisation, to ensure long-lasting results. New projects - in fields from infrastructure to construction and from energy production to sport - must observe these rules and be developed and executed in harmony with nature. The preservation of this wonderful land for many generations to come is not a top-down process, but is in the interest of everyone. 

CO2 footprint

Since 2012 ClimatePatner have calculated the annual CO2 emissions and ecological footprint. This certified calculation is the basis for further climate protection strategies. Every one of us, as well as companies, causes CO2 emissions, directly or indirectly. We at the Leitlhof Hotel manage to keep these emissions as low as possible by introducing various initiatives. Instead of a big minus in front of the climate record, we have intensively reduced CO2 emissions.

The small and inevitable minus on the CO2 record is neutralised with a calculated money compensation, which we gladly assume for our guests. The collected money is used for selected climate protection projects.

Get further information on www.climatepartner.com

Climate-neutral hotel

The biggest causes for CO2 emissions at hotels are electricity, thermic heat and laundry. We avoid unnecessary emissions with these causes, but also act climate-neutrally on other levels:

The Leitlhof Hotel in Innichen produces heat and electricity in the log heat and power station with wood from its own forest. Long delivery channels for imports cause high CO2 emissions, that is why we at the Leitlhof Hotel focus on regional suppliers and products, in the cuisine as well as with materials for the hotel’s furniture.

At the Mühlhof farm, run by the Mühlmann family, we mainly practise sheep farming and grow our own herbs and vegetables. For all other ingredients and products we rely on local suppliers and producers - which is why everything here is better!

We also recycle at the Leitlhof Hotel.

In the near future we plan to do the laundry at our hotel in order to achieve an even more positive environmental balance. Environmentally friendly detergents are already used.

Our garage is open for all of our guests. Leave your car at the hotel. Our shuttle service will take you to the centre or to the ski lift.

Our guests additionally have the opportunity to contribute to climate protection by choosing a climate-neutral arrival. CO2 emissions caused during the journey can be calculated conveniently with our CO2 calculator and then be neutralised with a compensational payment, which is solely used for the climate protection project.

If you are interested in a climate-neutral holiday, contact us by phone, call +39 (0)474 913440 or send us a no obligation holiday enquiry.





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