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Hunting Easter eggs, blessing the olive branches and the ‘eierguffen’ competition

Easter is the first major holiday in spring and is traditionally associated with popular customs and traditions. On Palm Sunday the palmbesen (‘palm fronds’) that are actually made of pussy willows and have been bound together with a lot of love and imagination are blessed in church and carried in a procession through the village. Palmesel or ‘palm donkey’ is also the nickname given to the member of the family who sleeps longer than the others on Palm Sunday and is the last to appear for breakfast.

During Easter week on the other hand, large and small eggs, painted in a variety of colours and in a single colour are there to be discovered in the shop windows of the churches of Innichen. You can obtain the tickets to take part from the tourist association and fantastic prizes are waiting for the most attentive searchers. Holy Saturday (the Saturday before Easter Sunday) is the last day of Lent when Easter food is blessed that has been brought to church in baskets by the faithful and will be consumed by the family at the traditional Easter lunch. In the Pustertal valley Easter Sunday starts with excitement, especially for the children, who hunt for eggs at home or if possible in the open; the children have to find the eggs and the chocolate bunnies that the ‘Easter Bunny’ has hidden during the night.

The hardboiled eggs that are decorated in different ways are also an essential item on the Easter menu. Before the feast starts, the ‘hardness’ of the egg is tested in the traditional game known as “wettguffen”, or “osterspecken” that is played with the eggs. All the members of the family receive an egg and all the eggs are knocked (‘gegufft’) against one another, first the pointed tops and bottoms and then the flat sides. The winner is the last person to have an undamaged egg.

Meetings and events in april:

The largest Easter egg hunt in the Dolomites

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