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Skin Care and Herbal Teas - just the thing for winter

The first month in the year is known for its icy temperatures that we try to combat with warm dry air indoors. This switch from cold to hot really stresses our skin, which reacts by feeling stressed and developing wrinkles brought on by the dryness and chaps. When the temperature outside drops below eight degrees Celsius the skin cells slash sebum production, which means that the skin receives too few nutrients and vitamins. In order to keep the skin "going" moisturising creams with a high fat content are recommended in winter. The daily shower should be brief and above all not too hot. At the same time, the body should take in enough liquids to ensure that the skin stays firm and attractive. Herbal teas are not only healthy but also relaxing and promote a cosy atmosphere.

Alongside their skin-toning and mood-enhancing effects, herbal teas can also be used for specific medicinal purposes to treat certain ailments without tablets and chemicals. The herbs for teas can be found in pharmacies, health food shops or in shops selling organic products. Or you can take courses in the summer where you will learn which herbs you can pick and how you should dry and store them.

Here is a list of the most important medicinal teas and their benefits:

Fennel is good for coughs and stomach and intestinal problems. Lady's mantle is good for menstrual and menopause problems. Rosehip strengthens the immune system. Camomile is good for all kinds of inflammation. Lavender is good for irritability and stress. Lime blossom is good for colds and dry coughs. Marjoram is good for head colds and stomach or intestinal problems. Balm relaxes in cases of sensory overload and is good for heart and circulatory problems.
Peppermint is good for nausea and vomiting. Sage is good for coughs and feelings of fullness.

In Leitlhof – Dolomiten you will find the ideal setting for relaxing and feeling well. We look forward to your enquiries, which do not place you under any obligation.





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