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Homemade products at the 4-star-superior Leitlhof Hotel in Hochpustertal, South Tyrol

The Mühlhof in Innichen

Our farm, the Mühlhof, is a short walk from the Leitlhof. For some years now, we have specialised mainly in 100% natural and organic sheep-farming - all lamb at the Leitlhof is produced at the hotel's own farm. Most of the vegetables and herbs that we use also come from the Mühlhof.

Own sheep farm

The farm is run by Stephan, the youngest member of the Mühlmann family, who rears the sheep for the hotel. Here, Tyrolean mountain sheep are kept and bred exclusively for the needs of the hotel. The feed consists of grass and hay from the farm's own pastures. After respectful slaughter of the animal, prime cuts are selected directly by Leitlhof's team of chefs who then prepare the meat with care.

Herbs and fresh vegetables

Our chefs always pick fresh herbs in the hotel's own herb garden. As well as this small but well-kept garden, many of the herbs we use for cooking come from the Mühlhof farm. Mühlhof also cultivates plenty of vegetables which meet almost all our needs.

Homemade specialties

Jams, liqueurs, cheeses, honey and much more are produced at the Leitlhof in San Candido. If you're in the area, you should certainly try the herbal liqueurs and excellent elderberry liqueur. These great souvenirs are available for purchase at any time in the hotel shop.

Energy for the wood-fired plant

Mühlhof also has its own woodland, where timber is produced for the wood-fired plant of our hotel. This means that the fuel is sourced locally, ensuring lower CO2 emissions. Another advantage is that, in this way, we maintain direct control over sustainable, forest-friendly logging.

Reduction of CO2 through sustainable behaviour

By acting in a responsible and sustainable manner and increasing our efforts and investment, we have succeeded in reducing the emission of CO2 per guest and night at the Leitlhof: from 80 kg in 2012 - already in itself a good value - right down to 12.2 kg per guest and night in 2016.

Last but not least, the Mühlhof farm and wood-fired plant have allowed the Leitlhof to achieve ecological independence and to define itself as an energy self-sufficient hotel with a zero environmental footprint. Send us an enquiry without obligation and immediately relish the prospect of pure relaxation in a stunning natural setting.





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