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5 year Leitlhof gas power plant

Family Mühlmann has found innovative ways to take part actively in the climate protection. There are initiatives like the use of local products from the region and in-house garden, the own wooden power station delivers ecological stream and thermal energy for the whole hotel. Besides that, the required wood chips come from the close surroundings.

„We wanted to find ways to be able to supply ourselves energy-technically independently“, says Stephan Mühlmann, Junior Manager at the Leitlhof and "the head" behind the energy turn at the hotel. „We are now the second climate-neutral hotel company in South Tirol, with a CO² balance which is unique. In spite of the hotel extension, the CO ² output was reduced by around one third“

The Hotel Leitlhof in Innichen proofs that „green holidays“ and highest pleasure are no opposite but can come together in harmony. Here sustainable climate protection is lived.

At the Leitlhof Hotel in the Dolomites guests can enjoy low-impact holidays in the Dolomites, an area classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Leitlhof is also often known as the “Hotel Panorama”.
The sunny setting and wonderful view of the Dolomite peaks and the nearby village of San Candido offer guests a panorama which can be enjoyed from the restaurant and terrace, from the lawn, from the pool and outside sauna, from the fitness and relaxation areas, and of course from the hotel rooms. Most of the people in our team have worked with us for many years, and are dedicated to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of our guests.

In the Leitlhof the guests are spoilt by chef Hermann Patzleiner and his team with the highest quality. The culinary team considers the wishes of the guests, but also the impacts on the environment when creating the dishes. He places a lot of value in to the origin and freshness of the used products. It is bought predominantly fresh, mainly regional and biological products from organic farming are used. This saves long ways of delivery for imported and not seasonal ingredients.

The near Mühlhof is the agricultural farm of the hotel and is managed by Stephan, the son of the family Mühlmann. The fresh organic-lamb meat comes from the traditional sheep farming directly from the organic Mühlhof. The herbs and the vegetables come from the own herb garden. Jams, liqueurs, as well as cream cheese are produced at the hotel. Many ingredients and specialties in the Leitlhof kitchen come from regional companies and courts.

"Pure Nature“ at the climate-neutral hotel in South Tirol.
• Natural interior: guests sleep in pure cotton bedclothes
• The furniture is made out of local wood
• The natural mucky plaster on the walls contribute to a good room climate
• Avoidance of varnished surfaces
• The Pfitscher silver quartzite was inserted in the modern-traditional design

Energy Consumption:
• The Leitlhof is energy-self-sufficient.
• The "waste" of the wood chips are pressed to pellets and burnt in a boiler. With the thermal energy resulting from this process Leitlhof is completely independent from energy supply and belongs to one of few energy-self-sufficient hotel companies in Europe since autumn 2014.
• Electricity and heat are usually the main causes for CO2 emissions within every company.
• Electricity and heat are produced in an own log heat and power station, directly in Innichen. Wood chips are being used from the own forest at the power station so that delivery routes are held as short as possible.
• In 2013 Leitlhof managed to reduce their CO2 emissions by nearly one half.
• On the power station’s roof there are solar panels installed, to additionally support the energy balance
• Further examples for optimizing energy efficiency: warm air that results through solar irradiation on the solar panels is exhausted and brought to the wood chips drying system. Vice versa in winter, the warm air that is produced in the plant is pumped to the solar panels, so that these remain free from snow for electricity generation.

Over the past 5 years, Stephan Mühlmann has acquired an important know-how about wood heating and also the daily work with the wood-fired power plant has brought him many insights and contributes to continuous optimization of the plant.

The system is unique in Europe, for those interested including school groups it is possible to get a tour with Stephan Mühlmann who will answer all questions.

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