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Saunas - Winter fitness

The Finnish term “sauna” indicates a room that is heated to a high temperature in which people sweat. The stone steam bath, the forerunner of today’s sauna, is a very old cultural artefact of humanity and goes back to the Stone Age. Taking a sauna builds up the body, purifies it and increases the sense of wellbeing. Taking a sauna is also a social event that enables people to spend quality time together. In terms of separation of the sexes and clothing, there are considerable national differences. 

In German-speaking countries and Scandinavia people go naked into the sauna whereas in other countries, above all in Latin countries, taking saunas naked is unusual or even forbidden.

The operating principle of a sauna is simple: raising the body temperature to up to 39 °C (artificial fever point) causes germs within the body to be destroyed. The subsequent cold bath relaxes the muscles and lowers blood pressure, stimulates the circulation, immune system and breathing.

Through thorough but gentle cleansing of the body the sauna also slows aging of the skin. Modern saunas come in a wide variety of different versions that basically differ from one another through the temperature and air humidity. 

You will find herbal saunas, Finnish saunas and others at us at Leitlhof - Dolomiten. Please ask us for details without any obligation.





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