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Hotel Leitlhof's efficient climate control with the Spanner Re² wood chip-fired plant

Zero impact on the climate and a sustainable future with the hotel's own wood chip cogeneration plant

The Leitlhof has discovered some innovative ways to actively participate in the protection of the environment and climate. As well as several less "flashy" initiatives, such as the ecological use of bicycles or public transport, the hotel has adopted a wood chip cogeneration plant for an ecological supply of electricity as well as heat energy for the entire premises. The wood used for the plant comes from our very own woodland.

The power station

Electricity and heat from wood: the Spanner Re² plant

After careful research and visits to various facilities, Stephan Mühlmann, the junior host of the hotel, chose a plant produced by the Spanner Re2 Company of Neufahrn in Freising, Bavaria. Determining factors for Stephan's choice were the expertise, reliability and position as a market leader of this company in the production and service of wood gasification plants.

The theoretical principle of gasification of wood chips in the Joos reformer may seem simple, but in practice this is a very complex process.

The special feature of the installation at Hotel Leitlhof is undoubtedly the combination of the wood chip cogeneration plant with the photovoltaic system on the roof and, at the same time, the drying of the wood chips in the two underground silos.

Lived sustainability

Sustainable living - carbon neutral for a positive future

With the wood chip plant by Spanner Re2, Hotel Leitlhof has found an innovative way to ensure zero CO2 emissions. Based on analysis and calculations in 2012 and 2013, Climate Partner certified us in 2014 as the second carbon neutral hotel in South Tyrol.

The various energy-related initiatives of our hotel - the hotel's own farm, the use of locally sourced products and materials, promotion of the environmental awareness of guests, and eco-mobility - will allow you to enjoy your "green holiday" to the full. Even your arrival at the hotel will be carbon neutral.

We like to share our know-how

In recent years, Stephan Mühlmann has acquired considerable know-how in energy production using wood. Daily use of the Spanner Re2 wood chip plant over the past two and a half years has brought with it much new knowledge for making the installation ever more efficient.

Visitors, and even schools and groups, can book an appointment to see this unique facility in Europe at the Hotel 4*S Leitlhof. During the visit, Stephan Mühlmann will be happy to explain and account for every feature.

Spanner Re² - an idea for the future

The plants of the Spanner Re2 Company produce heat and electricity from wood. This might not seem particularly special, but in fact the co-generation plant fuelled by wood uses a highly complex process known as pyrolysis. The wood chips are converted into gas and the tars and hydrocarbons are separated by means of a process involving direct current and extreme heat. The result is a wood gas that is almost pure, in other words without tar. The gas is filtered and cooled and fed to a motor, which in turn powers a generator that produces electricity. Since the heat released during this process is also used directly for the hotel, there is an excellent level of energy efficiency. If you are interested, we are happy to give you a personal tour of this fascinating facility.

A visit to the facility can be perfectly combined with a short wellness holiday at the Leitlhof. Please contact us by phone at 39 0474 913440 or by e-mail: info@leitlhof.com




Choose Hochpustertal as your holiday region and enjoy the feel-good atmosphere at your climate-neutral Leitlhof Hotel in Innichen, South Tyrol. If you are interested in our engagement for the climate protection, don’t hesitate to contact us.





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