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Your 4-star Leitlhof Sauna World – Dolomites in Innichen

Hot moments in the feel-good oasis

Experience true relaxation and strengthen your immune system with a sauna in South Tyrol. After a day of skiing or tobogganing during the winter in Innichen or after an exhausting mountain bike or hiking tour on the summery Dolomite Alps – back in the hotel your muscles will long for nothing more than the soothing warmth of a sauna.

Sweat yourself healthy

In Finland, which is supposed to be the country the sauna was invented, people have known the precious effect of warmth and cold for a very long time. It’s this strong different that strengthens the body and the immune system. A sauna is part of the everyday routing in Finland. Apart from its effect on body and soul, a sauna is also a social meeting point where news are exchanged and discussions are raised.

The sauna culture is cultivated at the Leitlhof Hotel. Infusions accompanied and performed by our SPA team make every sauna a very special experience.

  • Strengthen your immune system! Because of the higher body temperature of up to 39° germs die off.
  • Relax your muscles! The change from hot to cold relaxes the muscles and enhances your wellbeing, especially after a sportive-active day.
  • Indulge your skin! A sauna slows down skin aging and provides precious skin care. The warming process widens the blood vessels, the cooling phase constricts them. This way your vessels get a good work-out.
  • Enjoy cleansed skin! A sauna provides especially thoroughly, yet gentle, cleansing. Horny skin cells say goodbye and dry skin is fed with moisture.

In the feel-good oasis at your 4-star-superior Leitlhof Hotl in Hochpustertal, South Tyrol, you can choose from various spa treatments and a wide range of saunas: Traditional Finish sauna, herbal sauna as well as steam and brine baths. In the newly-constructed rustic Swiss pine and birch sauna in the garden you will breathe soothing aromas while enjoying fantastic views over the Sextner Dolomite Alps.

Adventure showers, diving basin and Kneipp pool

A very special experience during a sauna is, apart from the heat in the sauna itself, the cooling phase afterwards. If you only take a lukewarm shower you miss out on a very important part of the sauna-effect. Stimulate your blood circulation with ice-cold water after a sauna. First in the diving pool or under a cold shower, and then we recommend treading water in our Kneipp pool, which has a very positive effect on your health.

Relaxing phase

After the heat and the cooling phase the following relaxing phase plays a crucial role in the whole sauna process. The body can be exhausted after the hot-cold changes, that is why you should allow your body and your organs to relax. The relaxing phase should take as long as the sauna and the cooling phase together.

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