A sauna is a place of rest and repose. It’s where we learn to listen to our bodies.

Soothe your body & soul

The Leitlhof sauna experience

When you come home to Leitlhof after an active day in the outdoors, you’ll realize how much of a workout you’ve had: long hikes, challenging ascents, exhilarating ski runs. How do you rest those tired legs? By rejuvenating them in one of our hot

The Naturhotel Leitlhof has a classic Finish sauna, a bio sauna, a swiss pine sauna and a steam bath. We also have a small area with steam bath and herb sauna where you have access with your swimming suites. When you finally lean back in the relaxation room, you’ll experience a state of deep relaxation and total peace of mind.


Good for your body, good for your soul

Stay healthy

A sauna session is more than just relaxing. It boosts your circulation, strengthens your immune system and pampers your skin. Just the right therapy before another day of hiking.

Speaking of which: Dreaming of your next hike will be easy in the sauna. You’ll be looking directly at the mountains through the large windows.