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Indulgence programme in Innichen: Relax baths

Relaxing and recreational baths with the Softpack bed

In our waterbed you can experience the sensation of weightlessness.

Wrapped in the warm and gentle waterbed, you’ll lie totally immersed in warm water, without even touching it.
Our products are rich in pure and natural active substances and can penetrate deeply into the skin. The pleasant sensation of warmth leads to a perfect relaxation of the muscular system and the spinal column.

Choose from the following baths offered by your spa hotel in South Tyrol:

Original South Tyrolean Hay-Bath

The bath with South Tyrolean alpine hay helps to reduce tiredness and stress. The smell of alpine hay and the warmth of the bath provide vitality and wellbeing. The hay bath has a detoxifying effect and eases joint and back pain.

20min - Euro 39.00

Arnica Oil Bath

The arnica oil bath provides your muscles and joints with new vitality.
Arnica’s virtue eases tensions and regenerates muscles.

20min - Euro 39.00

Algae Bath with Brine Pack

The algae we use have essential proteins, minerals and vitamins. They stimulate the blood circulation locally, dehydrate and detox the body via the skin.

20min - Euro 39.00

Total relax

One bath of your choice with the Softpack bed

… with a relaxing partial massage
50 mins. — 74,00 €
… with a relaxing full-body massage
70 mins. — 92,00 €

Baths in the Kaiser tub

The Kaiser tub: the most ancient and elegant art of bathing.
The Kaiser tub is probably the most elegant and relaxing way to rediscover the bathing culture. Just looking at the Kaiser tub will make you want to have a sensual bath with your friend. Its size, its shape and, above all, the all-bronze material make this bath a unique experience.

Rose petal bath - So romantic

the fragrant scent of rose petals and their benefits for body, mind and soul make this bath an unforgettable experience in a romantic atmosphere.

20 min. — 49,00 €


Goat’s milk bath - Skin care

The goat’s milk bath with honey is soothing and regulates moisture.

20 min. — 49,00 €

Bathing in the wellness and spa area of the Hotel Leitlhof

Rock oil bath - For Hikers and Sportspeople

the rock oil bath is a tried and tested remedy for overworked muscles. The properties of oil stone are considered to be beneficial and restorative.
20 min. — 49,00 €

Total relax

One bath of your choice for 2 people in the Emperor tub
… with 2complete relaxing massages 70 min. — 157,00 €

Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry and take a bath in the warm spheres at your 4-star Leitlhof Feel-Good Hotel in Hochpustertal in South Tyrol. 

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