Leitlhof adds a new dimension to floating: floating with a view. The heated pool will keep you warm in case you can’t stop.

Outdoor pool

Alpine swimming

Careful when using our outdoor pool for the first time! The view might take your breath away. The cragged Haunold mountain with its rugged peaks towers directly behind the pool, watching over our guests.


Blissful moments

The Leitlhof water world

The outdoor pool at Leitlhof is a place for sweet idleness and bliss. Bask in the summer sun on the soft loungers before taking a dip in the cool pool. Or enjoy the steaming water of the heated pool in winter as you float through a beautiful winter

Our water world with outdoor pool, indoor pool, experience showers and waterfall is the center of our spa and wellness facility. The adjacent sauna area also has a hot tub, an Onsen pool.