Family & philosophy

The history of the Leitlhof and the Mühlmann family started with the decison to buy it in 1997 and to gradually transform it in line with our vision of sustainable tourism.

A vision

Our idea of Leitlhof

We operate our hotel with passion and purpose. Our business has developed and grown. We’ve added a spa & wellness area, a parking garage and additional rooms and have enlarged our
reception and our restaurant.

Our biggest milestone to date has been the implementation of the Leitl idea of generating our own wood-powered energy. Stephan Mühlmann, the junior owner, has been responsible for this project. Since 2015, Leitlhof has been producing its
own heat and energy, has its own water source and has thus become one of the very few self-sustained hotels in Europe.


Across generations

A lasting mission

The wood-fired combined heat and power plant was installed when the senior owners Robert and Agnes handed over their business to their son Stephan and his wife Evelin. The mission has remained the same: sustainability. Stephan and Robert still
go logging together in the Leitlhof forest. The timber is used to produce wood chips for the heating system. The hotel’s own farm with sheep and cattle livestock is still operated by the family. The products are used in the hotel restaurant.

A place to stay, a place to belong

Nothing is left to chance

We want our guests at Leitlhof to feel that they belong here. We want Leitlhof to be their home away from home. Behind every piece of furniture there is a thought process. Nothing has been left to chance. The distinctive design, the level of comfort,
the cordial service as well as the pure nature surrounding Leitlhof invite our guests to take a break from their everyday life. If we can also promote an awareness of sustainability, we’ve reached all our goals.