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Gourmet Days in the Leitlhof

South Tyrol and the Hochpustertal offer many different specialities. You can enjoy substantial local fare here but also light Mediterranean dishes. Dumplings are the best known South Tyrol dish. There are many different versions: both savoury speckknödel containing bits of smoked bacon, leberknödel containing bits of liver and käseknödel containing cheese but also the sweet marillenknödel filled with apricot or the zwetschgenknödel filled with plums that are often served as dessert.

The Hochpustertal also boasts many other hearty dishes like schlutzkrapfen (Tyrolean ravioli that are often filled with spinach and curd) or tirtlen (deep-fried pasties with a sweet or savoury filling), buchteln (sweet yeast-dough rolls filled with jam and baked in the oven) or apfelkiachlan (apple cakes).

But South Tyrol specialities and Italian cuisine are not mutually exclusive and in fact form a wonderfully tempting combination.

The gourmet days in Leitlhof – Dolomiten provide our guests with an excellent opportunity to savour superlative pleasures of the palate. We look forward to your enquiries.





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