New Spa

In spring, our spa area was completely renovated and extended.

Our Highlights:

  • Bio Sauna
  • Swiss pine Sauna
  • Finnish Sauna
  • Steam Bath
  • Onsen Pool 40°
  • Whirlpool
  • Heated indoor and outdoor pool

... and all with mountain view

Sauna, a treat for body and soul.
Sweating makes you happy and is a miracle cure for your skin, hair and immune system. Regular sauna sessions help to strengthen the immune and cardiovascular system as well as improve metabolism, muscle regeneration, skin and promote relaxation.

Our 3000 m² spa area has plenty to offer. In addition to the indoor and outdoor pool, we have created some wellness highlights.

Bio sauna
A low-temperature sauna is also referred to as a bio sauna. It differs from a Finnish sauna in that it has a lower temperature and higher level of humidity.

Steam bath
A steam bath is a special type of sauna with very high humidity. By constantly pouring water, pure or mixed with essential oils, onto the stones on the sauna heater at temperatures of up to 500 °C, a dense cloud of water vapour is created.

Swiss stone pine sauna (Zirbensauna)
Swiss stone pine symbolises endurance and strength, unbroken courage to face life and the strengthening of the spirits. Equipped with the refined and fragrant wood of the Swiss stone pine, the Zirbensauna has a host of beneficial effects.

Finnish sauna
The Finnish sauna is a traditional sauna option which, at a temperature of approx. 85 to 95 Celsius and a humidity of approx. 10 to 30, helps to purify and detoxify the body, stimulates circulation and blood flow and strengthens the immune system thanks to the high fluid loss.

Onsen pool
A Japanese Onsen is a bath in hot springs. The water in our Onsen pool is a warming 40°C and ensures relaxation with a fantastic mountain panorama.

Bubbling in 30° warm water.