Beautiful hike through the woods to an excellent viewing platform in the upper Val Pusteria

⬌ 17,9 km   ◷ 4:30 h   ⬈ 670 m   ⬊ 980 m   MEDIUM

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With the Baranci cable car up to 1500 m there is already a clear view to the south-east towards the Piccola Rocca dei Baranci. The hike starts along a marked forest road (number 6A). We descend slightly into the Untertal. Here you meet another forest road that climbs from Bagni di San Candidoe and continues along sign 7 to the Innichner Alm (Gemeindekaser, 1703 m). Along the way you cross several avalanche tobels up to a crossroads. On the path n ° 7 now turn right uphill towards the Piccola Rocca dei Baranci. We follow this path without technical obstacles to the pre-summit. From there the trail leads in about 10 minutes, somewhat exposed and with some rocky passages, to the main peak of Haunoldköpfl (2158 m).

Descent: For the descent, take the uphill path to the Innerfeldhütte - Dreischusterhütte junction (trail marker 7A). A natural forest road leads with a long traverse into the Val Campo di Dentro. Turkish lily and rare orchids such as the "Big Two Leaves" and the brown-red stendellum line the path. At the end of summer, the blue of the swallow gentian shines from the undergrowth. The further path, now marked 105, leads into the valley to the Dreischusterhütte (1626 m). On the forest road or on the path, you will then return to the Antoniusstein bus stop or to the valley entrance, where you can take the bus back to the starting point or walk the three kilometers to San Candido.